[Beginner] Hello and a question about getting help.

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Hey all,

Just bought GLBasic over the xmass and I am really loving it at the moment. I was using Darkbasic for the last while but had to find something better before I quit programming all together because of it. It is such an inconsistent language when it comes to getting your programs running on other peoples machines. So here I am :enc:

My goals are to make games for children with Autism and Aspergers. They will be simple to start with but will hopefully get better and more focused as my skills increase. Also I would like to create applications for myself and for sale.


In relation to help and training is there any dedicated ebooks or training videos to GLBasic that I can purchase? I have looked at the help and a few youtube vids but was looking for material with a more professional touch.


I highly recommend MrTAToad's books. Very good information in them to get you up to speed on the wonderful world of GLBasic

Owlcat has wise


Thank you both:) I will definitely get the ebooks they sound just right! MrTAToad any chance of you doing a video training course for GLBasic with vtc or any of the other training sites? It is always good to have both books and videos:P


I'll keep to the books thanks :)

Early next year I want to update the Reference Guide to include the new information, and introduce a few new bits


...or you could ask me. I'm the living book of gameprogramming.   ;)   Have fun with us and GLBasic   :booze:

The day will come...

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There's a whole forum of people willing to share ideas, advice and code if/when requested. If in doubt, just ask.
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Thanks all :) I got the ebooks which are great for noobs like myself.