your biggest source is ??

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for a test i need the size of your biggest glb code .
sourcecode only .


My "common GLBasic Function" is 148KByte .

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The source code for mine is around in various forums here, have a look - they are pretty large...


Intro + Menu + Map + Animation + MapBuilder + Effect + Ai = (+-8000 commands)

But, without "script structur" this not possible on GLBasic.


My latest common GLB function file is only 57k.  :'(


my current GLBasic program has just broke 10,000 lines of code at about 650K for PC and 3 Meg for GP2X version, although there's comments in there so actual commands used is hitting 5000, I was quite excited (read VERY :) ) to break the 10,000 lines the other day... my biggest project in the past was 20,000 on a 6 Mhz 1/2 512K SAM Coupe so really wanting to break that ;)