x_settexture on iphone

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Hi i?ve got a trouble whit two X_settexture on iphone.
On Win works fine, but on iPhone only can see a one texture at the same time.

The code is this: I think what somethig I wrote wrong, but I tried some posibilities and don?t work.

PS: The objects are single, first saved one, create second and save again in .obj for Unix and converted to .ddd whith the conversor utility of GLBASIC

PS2:I?ve tried a little change before to send the post, if change the texture format in .png this works well, I think what can be a little bug in this version of GLBAsic or perhaps I maded something wrong whit the textures in .jpg.

SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // seperate media and binaries?
//Anim Example
X_LOADOBJ  "m1.ddd", 1
LOADSPRITE "TEC_09.jpg", 1

X_LOADOBJ  "m2.ddd", 2
LOADSPRITE "TEC_10.jpg", 2
   X_MAKE3D 1,1000,45
   X_CAMERA 0,0,-2,0,0,0

// text first obj
   X_DRAWOBJ 1,0
//text second obj
   X_DRAWOBJ 2,0

Best Regards, Mentalthink

Kitty Hello

So... JPG textures do not work on iPhone?
Can you post the texture and the output on the XCode console when you run it.


HI Kitty, I can?t post the code because I deleted yesterday, because stay making some probes about Iphone and WIZ.

Abut your question, yes the JPG, works, because in an aplication in 2d mode  I tryed it and works, but in 3d mode only show the first texture what I applied in the code with x_setexture , the second don?t show in the second geometry.

I will try to make an another little application with jpg?s to show if works well, but whit .png textures no has problems, work fine in 3d mode.

PS.Excuseme for my English Kitty, not is my first lenguaje, sorry.