The 1st Annual Game Makin’ Shindig

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Who's down for a SHINDIG?
QuoteSYDNEY, AUSTRALIA (April 08, 2008) â€", self-proclaimed industry leader in hilarity and radness, made the universe a slightly better place today with the unveiling of The 1st Annual Game Makin’ Shindig â€" an independent game creation extravaganza in which talented developers can win FABULOUS CASH PRIZES simply by sharing their work with the world.

“Primarily, The Shindig is a transparent ploy to drive visitors to the site,” says Eegra editor Dan Staines.  â€œBut unlike most promotional ploys, this is one where everyone benefits: we get visitors, indie developers get cash, and everybody else gets some neato games to play. It’s win-win-win â€" or win to the power of three, if you want to be scientific about it.”

For more information on The Shindig, including competition Terms & Conditions and Guidelines for Entry, please point your intertron browser to
The Competition opens on April 8, 2008 Australian Eastern Standard Time [AEST] and closes at midnight AEST on July 8, 2008 (“Competition Period”). The theme for the contest is "colour" and the first prize is AU$2000.