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Hi Guys

i have a new app - (See beta section of forum)
I need to get it tested for Android 7.0
User is saying it hangs so just looking to see if the issue is happening for others?
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Im have No Android 7 devices. Also IF quite long time Im Update Android really, which im should Update to a least Android 6 sdk. But I'm have been idle with glbasic quite long time and no plans to do more apps by now.

Same for ads support. I'm got simply currently lost interest.... might been because I'm got older?

But also... a log would been nice.
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Ian Price

TBF SF your efforts really are wasted on such a small (and diminishing) community and the thanks are therefore limited. You've done an outstanding job and maintaining GLB and Android Extras etc. as well as constantly trying to fix a very broke thing really is a big ask.

I can perfectly understand why you are losing interest. So a big THANKYOU for your efforts. :)
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Thanks SF!
Seems my user was incorrect and it works fine on Android 7 after all!!
I too was AFK for a while - doing other database / javascript programming etc. so I know that life gets in the way!
Ian is right you did Excellent work for all of us on AE and iPhone issues etc.
Speccy-48k, Speccy-128k, Amigas, PCs