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Off Topic / Re: Raspberry Pi
The video is a demonstration of a GLB program compiled for the PI (instead of for the caanoo). But atm its using softer rasterization as theres a library missing from the unix dist. But we are working tirelessly around the clock 24x7 to get this to work ;)
Name : Q*Boyd
Genre : Games/Brain and Puzzle
Cost : £1.50
Languages : English

A remake of the classic Q*Bert

[attachment deleted by admin]
GRABSPRITE is one of those "issue" commands on certain devices that doesnt work as predicted. The work around for this is to use CREATESCREEN
Quote from: TI-994A on 2012-Jun-10

2.  \Samples\3D\Islands\Islands.gbas (v1.20612 - 22/7/2002)

At the rate Gernot fixes the bugs its quite possible that v.1.00000 was released on 21/7/2002 !
Quote from: HamishTPB on 2012-Jun-09
I am getting no power light so not sure how I could tell if it was re-flashing.

No power light and no screen display. I now this is going to sound simple and I dont want to sound condescending, but have you checked the battery ?
Off Topic / Re: Raspberry Pi
For the mnt/sd issue, all i did was create the relevant directory and it works fine.

The keyboard does register with inkey$ but not key(), i guess thats because its a caanoo build and there was no keyboard for it.

You can change the platform.ini file and change the resolution it runs at there (ive set mine to 640x512) but cant get fullscreen yet.

But dont forget, this is compiling for the caanoo and not the PI. Ive just been fiddling with it to see if it works and give gernot feedback an problems and whatnot. We may as well wait until gernot gets around adding the proper PI compile option
Off Topic / Re: Raspberry Pi
Finally got my interpreter running on the PI :)

Off Topic / Re: Raspberry Pi
Which means all the problem commans ive been testing (USEBMP, GRABSPRITE etc) which work may not after the transition to OpenGL
Off Topic / Re: Raspberry Pi

I`ll add that too because, as the saying goes or it didnt happen ... etc
Off Topic / Re: Raspberry Pi
Quote from: MrTAToad on 2012-Jun-05
Are you compiling for the Caanoo ?

Off Topic / Re: Raspberry Pi
I got my first GLB app running on th PI :)

Its nothing special, but it works :)

Code (glbasic) Select
LOCAL mx,my,b1,b2
PRINT x,100,100
FOR m=1 TO 100
DRAWRECT RND(100),RND(100),RND(200),RND(200),RGB(RND(255),RND(255),RND(255))
MOUSESTATE mx,my,b1,b2

That seems to run at a full 60fps. Changing the FOR m=1 to 1000 drops to about 8fps tho ;( But considering .... at least it works ;)
Off Topic / Re: Raspberry Pi
I has Raspberry PI :)

I just tried the above in both 10.231 and 11 and dint get any transparent textures ;( Could you post a screen shot so I (we) can see what your experiencing ?
Problem solved. Ive given myself 5 decimal places precision in my floats, and now there is no trouble comparing things like 10.2 (it didnt work before, id print the value and it would say 10.2, but if i did a compare it didnt accept it) all works fine now. Im happy.
(mainly for gernot)...what routine are you using in order to display the float ? If I print a float it says 10.2, but if i compare it to 10.2 it does nothing. If i could use the same routine that is used when printing that would fix my problem.