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First of all congratulations, you guys are doing an oustanding job taking these authorware apps to the tablet market, I bought G.A.C.K for both iOS and Android tablets and they work pretty nice so far.  As mentioned on the other topics it's a matter of keep practicing and understanding the logics behind by try and error.  However I have some issues, I'm not sure if it's only me but the app crashes sometimes on iOS, specially when testing the game after working on some Waves tests.  I do understand when the game doesn't run due to wrong parameters but when it crashes there's no way to detect the technical reasons behind it.  On the other hand it seems the app doesn't recognizes the Portrait-Landscape view modes on Android (I have an Xperia Tablet S) and keeps tilting.  Long story short, in order to improve the user experience around this I have a few questions that could help to create some nice features for the next releases.  Here they are:

1.  Is there a way to get kinda Output messages anytime the game doesn't run due to missing dependencies or something?

2.  Could you provide more detailed information (maybe a couple visual aids or a video) to explain the Waves settings and how to manage Wave based sprites on the game frame?

3. Let's say I have a game already programmed on a tablet and I want to export it somewhere to continue polishing or publishing it, how do I export this game outside the tablet?