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That's a very good and helpful idea, Slydog.  :good:
Quote from: MrTAToad on 2012-May-19
QuoteMTF corruption is a software failure, not hardware

Quote from: Wampus on 2012-May-19
Quote from: MrTAToad on 2012-May-19
Thats why you dont stick it in a freezer!  Even if it was a hardware problem, you still wouldn't stick it in a freezer either :)

Apparently you wouldn't download a car either. However, some have tried it (and report success).

Downloaded a car successfully?  :whistle:  =D

Seriously though, the harddrive in a freezer trick has worked for me before. I'm not saying it will for everyone, but one time it helped me immeasurably.

But in this case it seems Gernot's problem is software and not hardware related.
Shit, that's not good. :(

I could tell you all about the importance of backing up regularly, but I've lost stuff so many times to harddrive crashes etc. and I haven't learned to do it myself - it's a bother and you just hope that "it won't happen to you" and fell good about that 6 month old backup. Yup, I've been there...and still is.  ::)

In the future, though - whenever you make a backup: don't put it on the same physical drive...but you already know that. ;)

...but first you need something to backup, and I hope you're able to recover everything - or at least the most important bits. I hope this doesn't set you back too much.  :'(
I've been wondering if I should get one of these tablets that runs Android 2.2.

It's not like i need one - I already have both an iPad 2 & 3, but I don't have any Android devices and this one seems like an okay Android pad to have a bit of fun with, but I'm wondering how performance with GLBasic is?

...and how is it - if anyone knows - compared to the Zixoon a71 tablet that Gernot gave away recently (which is even cheaper)?
I've never seriously considered taking part in these competitions, but although it's tempting to try, I've already made plans on both saturday and sunday evenings this week (and of course there's work on monday) so I don't think it'll work out this time.
However, I didn't know that LD was taking place 3 times a year (which explains why it seems to be so "often"), so perhaps I can plan to set time aside for one of the upcoming contests.
...besides, I really should work on some of my WIP's instead. ;)
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Apr-19
I have no idea. Send me one, and I'll tell you.

Quote from: matchy on 2012-Mar-09
This is what I do with my iPad 1.

The look on that poor womans face is priceless.  =D
If my boss lets me buy the new one in the same way as last time, I'm going to sell my iPad 2 and get the new one instead. Won't cost me much - if anything.

I havn't made any ios games yet though, but if I ever get to it...

Quote from: erico on 2012-Mar-08
Well, at least there will always be room for pixel art, or vector games :P
...there's always this direction to go - vector games. I think I could come up with something then. ;)
Welcome back. Im glad things worked out in the end...except for the "having to install Vista instead of W7" part.  :( ...W7 is a lot better.

I'm always reinstalling Windows computers at work - just installed an XP today, and that was over 100 updates. And the servicepacks of course. :( would be SO much easier if they made procedures like this a little easier for the users...especially those - like me - who has to do it again and again. :)
Off Topic / Re: Google down?
It works fine here. Could it be your DNS?
The mainpage is there.

He's probably just tinkering with the forum software.

...lately it's been gone a little too often, though. :(
Quote from: Crivens on 2012-Jan-18
Don't know why but I really hate those "new" forums there... It's worse than reading caps posts for some unknown reason to me...

I agree. I don't really like that new forum software either.   :(
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2012-Jan-18 It's too early for an April's fool joke.  :|

Quote from: ampos on 2012-Jan-18
Have you scrolled down? It is a SOPA/PIPA thing...

And it's just the front page - the forum is still there. ;)
Off Topic / Re: New here
Quote from: spicypixel on 2011-Dec-09
Yeh not a problem send me the latest version/update/graphic tileset etc. ;)

I've been a bit slow lately, but I've now sent you a PM with everything you need, so hopefully you can see it and we can get on with this. :)

Like I said earlier - I'd really like to finish this game soon (the programming is done - it's only mostly graphics and new sounds that are needed at this point), but there's no immediate rush.

Let me know what you think.
I don't have an HP device, so I voted for Dave Perry. You know it makes sense.  :D