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In BlitzMax you can do this;

QuoteIncbin "res\backdrop.jpg"
Global BackdropGFX:TImage = LoadImage ("IncBin::res\backdrop.jpg")

Is there a way to embed binaries into the EXE file so you don't need external ressources?

Edit: I just read about the "ShoeBox-Standalone" proggy but it's hardly a usable option since it's not guaranteed to work across all platforms.
Anyway, I'm mostly interrested in how to do it on the iPhone.
Quote from: Hatonastick on 2009-Aug-23
Totally off-topic, but I love your avatar Gerfy. :)

It's because there's a hat, right? ;)
Quote from: 9940 on 2009-Aug-17
On Windows use Sandboxie
Uhm, unless I'm not mistaken then Sandboxie is no good here (afaik). The completely wrong tool for the job.
Quote from: Stu_C on 2009-Aug-13

Im drawing 200 sprites with drawsprite - same image of 32x32 and the routine takes between 12 and 15 milliseconds - I dont understand why it should fluctuate either - I'm literally just doing a DRAWSPRITE.

Same on a PC takes 0.5 millisecs :)

Does the iPhone distinguish between sprites and tiles?

I mean, let's say you're making a tile based game, then at 480x320 you'd be using 140 pieces of 32x32 tiles to draw the entire screen and then you'd be close to what seems to a problem.

Would there be a more practical way of doing the above scenario than using tiles/sprites?

Performancewise, how time costly is blitting an entire 480x320 image to the screen compared to using separate tiles?

Also, if "200 calls is quite a lot" what hardware is that based on - the "normal" iPhone/iPod or the 3GS?

Quote from: Hatonastick on 2009-Aug-15
Can you make 3D games for the iPhone/iPod Touch with GLB?  I mean are the GLB commands for 3D supported on that platform?

I can answer that one.

Uncle made this great post which includes a video on how to compile as well as sourcecode and the example is 3D.
There may be limitations to what the iThingies can do with GLBasic, but it looks like you can do most things. Someone else must answer that.
Off Topic / Re: iPod Touch
Quote from: Uncle on 2009-Aug-13
Sokurah I would be interested to hear how you get on.    Does this mean we will get PPUXB on the iphone?

No, PPUXB is done in BlitzMax so it won't be possible to port it to the iPhone but it does compile fine on OSX though. :)
...but it could work nicely with touch controls I think.
Off Topic / Re: iPod Touch
Also, you don't need a mac to compile projects. You can install OSX on a normal PC (if you can find a distribution that fits the hardware) and compile from that.

I have a HP Pavillion which I've installed OSX on. That's what I hope to use for development.
Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2009-Aug-11
@Sokurah: I'm not allowed to provide a full toolchain for windows (ask Apple :/ ), thus you would need the 99$ program to see your game on a real device.

What does this mean?

I've done a little research and have established that you can run all games and appilications on the iPhone if it's jailbroken. What does that mean when it comes to apps made with GLBasic - do I need to pay Apple anyway...even if I'm not interrested in the AppStore and only want to run things I make myself locally?
I'm here too but I'm not terribly active since I haven't bought GLBasic yet.
One more question (because it's easier to ask here instead of going Googling) ;)

I've read two conflicting things about programming for the iDevices.

1). Pay Apple $99 a year to be able to run your game on the real device.
2). Pay Apple $99 a year to be able to distribute your software through the App Store.

Which is it?

The thing is that I'd like to play with it and experiment a bit and that may take a while as I've got plenty of other things to do too (and I'd have to learn a new programming language). I wouldn't want to pay $99 for just being able to play around...not if I can avoid it anyway. Would jailbreaking help here?
Say you're making an iPhone/Pod game, how would you go about testing your code?

Can you compile for PC and run it there (perhaps with the mouse emulating a single touch on the screen) or do you have to squirt it over to the real device to test the code?

I just registered to say that I've been thinking about switching from BlitzMax to GLBasic for a while now, and I really hope you're able to sort out these problems with getting things to work on the Iphone, because that's definitely something that could make me make the switch.

Good luck.

Btw, I saw that multitouch is working, but what about using other Iphone specific things like GPS, camera and the accelerometer?