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Quote from: spacefractal on 2014-Dec-10
its look like its a Unity game (due annonce to platforms not possible in glbasic), not a glbasic game? if its not a glbasic, this topic should been moved to offtypic, since this announcements was originally only for projects made in glbasic really.

But im do have to say:
Its look like its a VERY well made game, and im even might end up backing it  :good:. Keep up the work!!

Edit: I'm wait to move after few days. It's a nice game thought. Also some tools could have been done in glbasic as well.

If the strechgoals done i will ask to sony/microsoft the sdk of their consoles  :good:

[EDIT] Removed offensive comment. Ian
Hi guys, i present my last game (now in indiegogo)


I would appreciate if you share (especially if support :P)

its very cool  :enc:
Hi, i tried to compile some games in v12.001, its cool the new icons (small, small 50, etc) and fix the ipad icon but game center simply dont work  :O

i used the dark shneider wrapper, in the v11 betas game center works fine

PD gb make new icons but still missing the ios7 files (76x76,152x152,120x120)  :happy:

no sabía, yo siempre busco en el foro  =D, pero es buena la info  :good:
se solucionó poniendo al final .0

gracias  :enc: :good:

Code (glbasic) Select

GLOBAL gomis#
GLOBAL tgomis#

IF tgomis# - gomis# > 99999999999 AND tgomis# - gomis# < 1000000000000
INC gomis#,1000000000
IF tgomis# - gomis# > 999999999999
INC gomis#,10000000000

ese es el código D=
Pues me da ese error al compilar, las variables las tengo declaradas como globales

global variable#

alguna ayuda???  :|
no problem, i will use in my next game  :good:

I download genius greedy mouse and i see  the inapp purchases, i see your post in the forum, can you explain me please how to implement in a game  :S??
but i need make the ipad retina version, right?  :x
hi space, i cant do universal because when compile it the program cant catch the correct resolution and i dont know how fix it  :giveup:
this is the perfect moment to a beta release o something  =D (of course to me)