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Is there a tutorial for that?
GLBasic - en / scale font
Hello everybody,

I tried to display my highscore relative to the screen size of my game by using the optional scalfactor after the font id in SETFONT, but then I get the error "gbas\game.gbas"(93) error : wrong number of aguments : "SETFONT" called with 2 args. Required: 1 to 1.

I wrote it like this: SETFONT 1,2

Does this scale factor command even exist or was it my fault?

It would make me very happy if you can help me :)
Hello everybody,

I try to run my litte game on my iPhone, but the statusbar is always shown as a dark balk on the top and as a white line on the bottom. This is really annoying and I have no idea how to hide the statusbar completely.

Is there a glbasic command for that or can i switch it of in xcode?

i hope that somebody can help me!

Thanks for your attention :)