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They say, nice one :D

this is a small example on how to create sounds with OpenAL.
Found this example here:

Maybe you need the headerfiles and install it (extract in GLBasic_SDK-Folder and you are good to go):
Code (glbasic) Select

LOCAL uni[]
REDIM uni[35][35][35]

So sollte es gehen.
Hast du Dim falsch verwendet?

Code (glbasic) Select
DIM uni[35][35][35]
Try to implement/use OpenAL.
I can give it a try later today, if you still need this.
You have to look if its 32bit or 64bit versions of the VST/VSTi.
If you have a 64bit DAW you can normaly use both.
Quote from: bigsofty on 2021-Aug-03
Is this the one you use Schranz0r?

No, i use Reason from Reason Studios (former Propellerhead).
But Fruityloops is also a nice place to start with. (Tons of tutorials!)
Take a look at LMMS.
Its free and like Fruity Loops.

I think it's a good way to start, and there is a 8-bit Synth in it :P
We had problems with the GLB-Editor in the past. False positive on Kaspersky.
On a compiled EXE is new...
You don't have access to the Font-Struct from "behind the scenes".
You have to save it after rescaling as Temp-File to load it back with LOADFONT.
Gernot delete old attachments to save server space.
If you reupload "unneeded/old/broken" attachments he will get in the same spot as before.
GLBasic - de / Re: Tapatalk
Die Tapatalk-Mod ist nicht mehr installiert.
Hatte damals Gernot installiert weil er es so benutzte, hat diese aber auch wieder deinstalliert.

Ich selber kenne und benutze Tapatalk nicht, ist das noch aktuell und im gebrauch?
Off Topic / Re: DLB/GLB
I hope i understand you right there:
You writing a "Wrapper / GLBasic style syntax" in another language?
If so, why? Do your own way...

Next thing, why use DX on Windows?
Open your Window with GLFW and GL and you are good to go on most platforms.

Or use C# with .Net Core, there a good SDL2 Wrappers out there. :)