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One thing the 3D converter program does need is the ability to be able to handle the latest version of DirectX .x files...

And perhaps a few converters for Lightwave and Cinema 4D would be good too  =D


I sure agree with you.

I also wondered how to set surfaces smooth degree inside glbasic, like on the pictured example, they both have the same polygon count, the smooth shade one has a 89.9 degree tolerance to smooth polygon transition the other is plain.

can this be set? or is it read from the object file?

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I think for C4d, can be easy, beacuase in C4d  from the R12, can use Python, and how I say in another post, the exporter have to be similar than Blender. Litghwave I don´t rebenber now if supports python.

Only for advice, for 3DS MAX have a very good exporter from the friend Vladimir, I use exahustively and works, very, very good.

In other part, I think the importer are very important, but I like if it´s possible have a little set of predefined Shader, or materials, for have shine, specular, and well ... will be great if the normal map, works in all platforms.

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erico - you can set AUTONORMALS TRUE/FALSE to get either a smoothing angle of 180° or 0° (smooth or flat shading). If you want "hard edges" for autonormals, you have to offset the points a bit so the core does not think it's using the same edge for 2 triangles.


Hope im not totally wrong, but:
X_AUTONORMALS only works for objects, that you create in GLBasic. But if you load an ".ddd"-object, you dont have the possibility to change autonormals for this object (not even in the converter). I think thats what erico was asking for.
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oh. No - you can't modify objects (so far).
I thought about:
-Adding a command to manually set the normals
-Adding a command to change the face information for existing objects (X_GETFACE and X_SETFACE maybe).

It's no so easy, though, because the models are stored in 2 ways internally. data to create and data to draw.


Yep, that is what I was asking, how to read or change those normals from an imported object.
It would be nice to read them from file, even if I have to keep objects separeted.

As for a way to read lightwave objects, it´s beyond my capabilities as a programmer.
But I managed to put some example object together, in case some soul wants to give a try,
check them here: