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PocketKnives for coders (free, one specific job tools)

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Ian Price:

Some very good stuff listed here :)

Good collection of usefull web apps.

Thanks Ian I don't look this post to now... here have a lot of interesting tools and stuff... I need 7 lives more for learning all this things  :rant:

Here are three more tools you may want to include.

The first as a wonderful utility for printing custom graph paper, music paper, etc.

The second is a free, open-source flow-chart utility called DIA.

I particularly like Dia Portable because it will fit on and work from a thumb drive.

My only two problems with Dia are, first, that you are not allowed to connect a flow arrow to certain types of lines; and second, that connection points cannot be placed exactly where you want them (in arbitrary positions), which can result in skewed and slightly ugly flow lines. Still, these issues can be worked around, and for free, this utility is hard to beat.


Couple of new utils...

Blendwave, soundFX creation...

Modlab, fx texture map generation...

Modlab blurb...

--- Quote ---Generate a normal map from a diffuse map using advanced image processing and analytic techniques
Generate detailed normal maps from height maps
Combine normal maps with custom blending parameters
Create a horizontal profile for a normal map using the curve editor
Clean up and sharpen existing normal maps with Bilateral filtering
Generate roughness/specularity maps
Fine tune the intensity of emission maps
Realtime preview with settings for dominant, ambient, and point light sources

--- End quote ---

Both of which are free.  :good:


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