Apple will release a new device?

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Apple says to press: In october 23rd "we've got a little more to show you"
The experts thinks that will be the presentation of the iPad Mini, with 7" for Christmas.
¿Or they will surprise us with other thing?


Mightbeen surprices other than iPad Mini. its have been well documents its that device its would been shown to us.

Howover its should share allready techincal around iPad 2, so its a pretty easy to get to work on that devices (even without modifications), unlike iPhone 5. So there is no more testing work this time. Howover interface in my game will been slightly bigger on that device anyway, due its should been detectable by 2.4 and 2.5 string in devicename version. So techincal its a iPad 2 with smaller screen. I thinks its good idea since Retina there is not a requirement at all.
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The Apple Store is closed, a new iGadget is coming...


My guess is the new "Human CentiPad"!
Gotta love South Park!  :D
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They presented "a little more" =D

- iPad Mini, resolution 1024x768, compatible with iPad1/2 apps.
- New iMacs with slimer screens and more memory.
- New Mac Mini with more cpu and hard disk.
- New MacBook Pro 13" with Retina Display.
- New iPad 4G with A6 (iPhone 5) processor. (iPad 3 dead)
- Apple Fusion Drive technology joining Flash and HDs.


what?? a new processor on ipad3?
Oh my, I guess people will be pissed... :(


I think they needed that due all the update the very primary support of LTE which only worked in US. That got a lots of harm and was bardly critic a very lots in EU (Just like Antennagate from iPhone 4), and in Denmark its even threated as false markingting with 4G support. So I thinks that primary why they did that, even its was ealier than excepted. Here I did not excepted that at all.

So while LTE support got better, they can also upgrade a few other details as well. Personly I have no plans to upgrade mine (also price is a bit highere in Denmark too).

Now I want to which string it return when detecting the device....
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