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This is awesome. Thanks for sharing!


--- Quote from: AmazingJas on 2012-Oct-16 ---I am completing the Harvard and MIT computer science subjects. I have been coding for years but never realized how much fundamental stuff I didn't know. The MIT course learning curve got a bit steep this week (took me a while to get my head around recursive bisection searches). The syntax of python also takes some getting used to, but the principles are pretty sound.

Would like to do the AI course next semester if I can.

--- End quote ---

Cool stuff. My brain melted when trying to comprehend the recursive towers of hanoi today. Hopefully we dont need to do something like that on the finals.  However, I put a project for that TOH in the beta section for GLBasic, converting it was easy. Computation is pretty thorough in the mit 6.00x, im really learning alot from it...and i expect to be able to get finish it. I like Eric, he is a great teacher.

In the Ai course they use python to make a pacman game....the math in that course is a mind better know trig or calculus. I got stumped when i hit depth-first search algorithms for making pacman find the lonely dot. You have to be familiar with LIFO and FIFO stacks too. They list the prerequisits, if you dont know what each one is, dont expect to complete the class. The reason i cant finish the work is because im still new to python, but i also realize i will need to brush up on my math before i try it again. The best part of the ai course at berkley is you can just skip it all and absorb the lectures, afterall its free. Gernot made a findpath algorithm which is based on the A* search method, they lecture on that too.

I just finished the first assignment for Harvard's Computer Science 50. So far it's pretty basic, I hope they will go deeper soon. But glancing at the subjects of the coming weeks, I suspect they will.  :good: I'm particularly interested in the lectures on webdesign, since I develop those for money. :P

Amazing, all this for free?  And no obligations?
Those courses don't sound enticing enough yet, but if they offered something in graphics, either OpenGL, or even 3d modeling, PhotoShop, etc I may be interested.  I suck at graphics and would love to learn some techniques for an artistically untalented person to create some simple, yet 'good looking' game graphics.

The AI course *sounds* interesting, but the maths scare me!  I haven't done calculus for 25 years!  It is a topic I would love to already know, but don't want to invest the efforts in learning it! ha.

Incredible...ive come to a point in the lectures where an array can store elements as function calls.
Arrays of funtions, embedded as arrays inside of indices within an array, just mind blowingly amazing.

array = [[abs,fact,pow,sqr,f1,f300],12345.00]
the output would be an array of elements where all those functions are applied to 12345.00!!


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