Some bugs in IDE: function list, editor

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In the last version 10.209 when you open a file with hidden functions (@), you can see some entries without text, only the icon is shown. These functions without name are duplicates (I think) of the hidden functions, but the hidden functions are shown good. I don't remember seing this in previous versions, then must be the last update.

Another minor error in the editor, when you use ClearType fonts, some letters are cut in the last pixel. See the ending of the words DATA and REDIM in the graphic below. I think the system draws a shadow (aliasing) around the letters and needs a bit of space more. I don't use this (cleartype) earlier, then I don't know if is a error in this version or previous. But this doesn't happen in other apps like notepad++.


The cleartype problem has always been there for me, always after a wide character + space the last pixel disappears. I'm guessing the character distance of space is a bit too broad?

The example picture has a space after all characters except for the last line. Font is Consolas 10 pt.

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