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I see the HTML5  stuff is hidden in German.
Much respect and thanks to Coolo for undertaking this amazing task.
Wish I read German so I could understand more what was going on in this thread.

What about GLScriptBasic?
Have we a script language within GLBasic or not?
I'm still using the old GLSCriptBasic codebase, but there aren't TYPE and some bugs are present.

Sorry for forgetting to mention:

I've made a post in the english section:


Yes I saw it, and I want to send you all my thanks to you make it happen.

What I'm wanted to ask: There will be a VM as in the old GLScriptBasic? So we can compile and run small scripts within our GLBasic program? Would be also nice if we can run more concurrent VMs with different scripts.

I hope I'll find the time... but shouldn't be too time consuming.

It's possible to write a wrapper for V8 (an awesome JavaScript compiler/interpreter, used by Chrome) in GLB, then execute the generated JavaScript code. But I hope that won't be necessary...


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