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Kitty Hello:
OK, here's Schranz0r's port of Box2D. I extended it a bit so you can debug the shapes, too.

Also, at the very bottom of the file, there's an example ("b_WakeUp") that should get you started how to extend the wrapper. You might need the get/set acceleration and velocity functions as well as the add impact functions. A "is point in shape" function would be handy for picking, too.
It's all there, just wrap it. Ask here if you need help.

You propably need the header pack (which I should update, btw.)
@Schranz0r - where is the header pack?!

Bugfix: b_DestroyBody didn't set pointer to NULL.

Updated version 13 oct 2011
Re-Uploaded zip on 2020-06-19


This one?

This is soooooooooo cooooooooool ....thanks guys.  :good: :good: :good:

No Problem  :good:

well done guys!  :good:

P.S. Will this work on the iPhone?


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