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Kitty Hello:
it compresses the currently viewed gbas file.


--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-Apr-05 ---bug in the editor. Darn. so far just rename the gbal file to gbas file extension, please.

--- End quote ---
Is this bug fixed in the current version? Has the GBAL format changed?

I have GLBasic 10.118 and gives me 'undefined function' testing the Md2 load library from this post:

Kitty Hello:
not fixed, yet :(

Renaming the .gbal to .gbas not works for me. The editor reads the codified file AS IS.
BTW: ┬┐Is possible to use a better encoding like zlib or something else?

I had this problem too!!!
I did not knew how to make any of my librarys woks :rant:
I have just rename to *.gbal file to *.gbas file extension and now GLBasic are able to use functions from it!  :-*
It is not a problem now!  ;)
Thanks for explain how to fix this  :enc:


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