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PeeJay's Game Programming Tutorial

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I think this needs to be stickied.

Thanks PeeJay  :)

Although I've been programming for years (primarily with REALbasic) I've never even attempted a game, your tutorial has been very helpful not only in getting familiar with using GLBasic but also with the nuts and bolts of creating a game.


Fantastic tutorial series!  :good:

I'm aware of the processes and structure but its really handy to see the GLBasic commands in use. Allows me to shortcut a lot of searching through the help file!

I'm guessing this was originally put together for Blitz.

Well commented final version and the little touches used are very effective.

Love Peejay's remakes site as well (I also owned the Cascade 50 cassette!!!).

Thanks all  - it's nice to know that people have found it useful in giving them a foot on the ladder. You are quite correct Stevester - it was originally a Blitz tutorial, which I then rewrote as I made the change over to GLBasic myself, so I could learn the syntax and differences as I went along.

Rumour has it that there may be another 50 crap games in the pipeline, but I wouldn't hold your breath (both for the length of time it may take, and because for crap games, I wouldn't even hold a fart in!)  :D

He's alive!!  >:D


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