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Glbasic to Nintendo Switch?

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It's great idea but I doubt that NDA/license will allow you to publish some sources and info from their repository in 'limited open source' project as GLB. For example RayLib unofficially supports Switch, but it requires to cooperate with someone (don't remember know who atm, most likely author of RayLib- RaySun). Maybe this would be better option (than Unity) for your Spectrum Next projects.
From what I know Switch uses proprietary Nvidia API similar/based on OpenGL/Vulkan - called NVN, most likely it comes with it's own license, there are some reverse engineered open source projects that gives some idea how it works. But due the nature of the device itself, as it's a console, it will be more targeted to certain things.
On other hand there is a port of SDL for Switch, but I'm not sure if it could be used for commercial games, if so, that would be easier way for GLB to support that platform.

smilebasic for the switch costs 29 korutzen. cant test ist because no switch  :noggin:

There is always that nintendo switch emulator... for research purpose only of course! ;)
It is an interesting path, probably better than those always-changing-api that sucks to maintain.

in this case its was granted to Rusty Pixels where as im is a part of and also have order a devkit to me as well. Im have still not got it, but im do just have seen the Unity port of Baggers in Space running on it (game far from finished, its done from scrath).

Yes there is a lots of NDA behind the lines, howover the devkit im will get im do can show it to the public (not all you can do that).

For Micheal its took some time to get the Unity build working and got it compiled. Its look like its based on c++ libraries with the required NDi SDK. Howover to even been granted a devkit from Nintendo you need to get the game liked first... They dont grant to anyone at all. Etc one thing for sure: its not a platform you can do clones of other games. They will reject it.

SmileBasic looks like something interpreted, and from what I see it can't produce standalone apps, only launched from app player. I'm more curious what's the current state of HTML5/JS development on Switch, either pure canvas or WebGL / WebAssembly based, as JS is sufficient for most 2d games. Yes Nintendo has more closed platform than others, and surely game needs to be accepted by big N, for example on Xbox Series there is an 'dev mode' on normal consoles that you can use to port some games, and most likely they don't have such rules/requirements for games.
Of course it would be great to have Switch as additional platform on GLBasic, but this would be surely a lot of work, and NDA implies some restrictions for all such tools.


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