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Sounded really rough, glad you're on the mend  :) Managed to avoid it here in England so far but it's getting harder now there's no rules.

Thanks guys, I appreciate your kind comments.  :booze:

Sad to hear that covid hit You so hard :( I hope that your recovery will go smoothly and without further issues.
Best of All for You and Your Family in those harsh days.

ps. lung infections and breathing problems are the most serious complications after this disease, and they are even more damaging for kids, so hopefully that all your family will now have some extra immunity beyond vaccines.

Thanks Dreamerman, trying to get back to normal. Had a look at my code from before Covid, lol, I need to spend some time documenting it, I'm totally confused where I was in it!  :D :blink:

Best wishes to you Bigsofty, take care and I hope you are better now.
In my hometown there was a clear zone used for emergency helicopters but they build a big supermarket there.
(the money, you know)


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