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Crownjewels first Demovideo

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Hey everyone. A few days ago I found all this half-finished Gameprojects I started between 2011-2015, and decided to continue working on them. Here a first video of one of the Games called "Crownjewels". It´s around 90% finished now, and I hope to release the game in the next few weeks/months (no hurry).

Hope you will like it, Feedback is very welcome.

Nice effects and music!

Good HD graphic and animation, looks like solid match3 game. You could consider adding some special mechanic or something to it, or it's just playing around with something else than Atari? (interesting retro materials on your YT channel) ;)


Very nice presentation!  :good:

I'm not sure I would use "Jewel' in the title though, it may be enough for an E.A. takedown.  ;)


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