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Raylib for GLBasic! (hosted on Github)

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Hi dreamerman,

if you like/can/want, you can help me with this :)
Have some other ideas in mind!  :x

Nicely done sir! Too late to look at it tonight, will enjoy a proper look tomorrow.  :good:

the main problem is its not combatible with current glbasic apps and is impossible to redone and update those, newer for the bigger projects. So we should not breaking that combatible at all with old apps. This is actuelly very important. Combatible was also in mind when im added some Android features to a GLBASIC command directly as its should been.

Gernot would not like to breaking combatible with old apps at all as well. A beginner cant property use this too.

But a Plugin system in glbasic would been very great. etc a way possible to automatic replace a glbasic command to a suitable FUNCTION used by the wrapper, etc a Prototype list, that can been picked up by the PRECOMPILER.

But dont mind me, this such of a project is very great and sure its can been done. Im take a look how such a wrapper can been done later. This is NOT important now at all! Get it work first is first priotity.

EDIT: Im have a idea how to do that by replacing g++ to launch the "wrapper" tool first and then g++ from the tool to perform that task. So dont think about that by now. Im need to do that tool first.

But, to make it work from the compiler i have to wrapp it in the Sourcecode (c/c++)...
And wrapp this in C++ is much easier then in GLBasic itself!

In Source: Add Lib, Include Headerfile


--- Code: (glbasic) ---namespace Raylib{
    void SETSCREEN(int width, int height, bool fullscreen)
        InitWindow(width, height, __GLBASIC__::project_name.c_str()); // didn't know the internal projectname... :)

--- End code ---

no need to wrapp the whole thing in a gbas file, simple direkt calls...
This way you can say to the compiler to use the Raylib:: and not the __GLBASIC__:: namespace for this functions

using namespace can been complicered, a least for me, which require updating glb.h file as well me thinks. But its dont matter at all how!

We do a plugin system later. Its actuelly not important now. But later its will. But im have a idea about it.

We do defensivt need a tool to do that before launching the final exe code (g++).


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