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Android - new icon design


Kitty Hello:
In my store page I get the error:
The following localisations have not applied the new icon specification: English (United States).
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I can't change the text - what is wrong? Whatever I do with the icon - it won't let me pass.

Attached the icon I try to submit.

Kitty Hello:
Hm. Now, the old icon works. But it's really scary.

Wow, sorry I only seen this now...just to let you know - this did not get recognised as a png by my software...

its property Android Adaptive Icons missing? This is why we should do the icons your self directly from Android Studio and NOT from glbasic, why im removed them. Android Studio can create those for you, but some time ago throught. Its important now.

Yes, that could be it too....for a new build I assumed this was just PNG image was not allowed on the Playstore listing...

The other Android Studio icon fix is easy - just do a New Image Asset on the side project bar...


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