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Thanks, I have been trying to find time to change this to a proper simple 4 players game but can´t seem to find so.
Apart from the perspective distortion, I think it is a better route to use 3d to draw the art anyways.
I have been doing a bunch of stuff in low res black and white lately, is that what recalled mono mode? What is that?

Mono = monochrome

Wow I like it a lot, the effect like eyefish is really cool!!! and the simple graphics... very nice!!!

thanks mental! Since it was going to be 2d, the perspective adds a nice twist, haven´t seen that before.

--- Quote from: monkeybot1968 on 2016-Feb-15 ---Mono = monochrome

--- End quote ---

I see, but what does that have to do with the atari st? Did it have a 2 color dither mode or something like that?
Mono =


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