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Title: Useful DEV site
Post by: fuzzy70 on 2013-Dec-21
Stumbled across by accident from clicking on a link from another site I visit often (

Has lots of tips regarding maths (vectors/bezier etc), using perlin noise in games, colour palettes etc. While none of it is GLBasic obviously the explanations are pretty clear. It used to be distributed as a PDF magazine before being web based but you can download all the 29 issues that where pdf's  :good:

Title: Re: Useful DEV site
Post by: MrTAToad on 2013-Dec-22
Yes, it does look like there are some interesting things there.
Title: Re: Useful DEV site
Post by: mentalthink on 2013-Dec-23
Thanks Fuzzy, I will take a look more later.. always it's good have a nice resource and explained in coomon languaje for the projects.