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Getting a Linux program up and running #2

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Ack, don't do it on my account.  I still consider myself a Linux newbie, but I am wanting to move to Linux only.  However this thread and the previous one make me question whether GLB is the best choice for Linux.

Kitty Hello:
It's a true shame.
What I actually need is a set of all libraries on a standard ubuntu system, with the symbolic links kept in place.
I don't know if one can get that with ssh or any other way.
If you can help me get the library files to my PC, I'd really appreciate that.
The Cygwin environment does make the symbolic links just a write protected .lnk file and the "comment" is the target IIRC.

Can anyone assist, please?


--- Quote ---It's a true shame.
--- End quote ---
I do not know about that, it seems common for Linux.  I have never gotten BlitzMax to work properly on Linux which is why I gave BM away.  PureBasic works with little effort on Linux, unfortunately, it is not the best solution for games.  GLB is the only 3D solution for Linux.

My main GLB concerns are:

1.  A previous post seemed to indicate that GLB programs would not work at all under Mandriva which is one of the most popular distros and my personal distro of choice.

2.  Ubuntu is very good about bundling nice freeware games as part of the official Ubuntu distro.  Unfortunately, with the hunting Toad had to do to find the runtime/lib needed for Ubuntu, it would lessen chances of getting something to be included with Ubuntu, as included programs need to work out of the box on a standard install.

I didn't have any troubles running GLBasic programs on Mandriva when I tried it last year. But that was on a VirtualBox.

I don't think I said that it wont work under Mandriva - its just very hard to find the appropriate libraries.  I managed to find some, but not all of the required libraries.  This is the problem with different (and completing) systems - libraries get called different things...

If Moru can tell us what libraries need to be installed, that would be good :)

Anyway, with Ubuntu 10, nothing much has changed - same routine as described at the beginning of this post to install everything needed (and use apt-get install for SDL)


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