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GLBasic v16 STEAM-VERSION out now!

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Portrait games is a nogo on steam trailers as such. But it's OK for me to use a portrait game with a border to fill a full HD resolutions. Many of the videos was also in too low bit rate as well...

I'm do happy to show more games througt.

One small install problem. When I installed the Steam version, it asked me where I wanted to put the Samples folder. I chose a non-default folder ("C:\Development\") and  it was copied there fine. But the File menu in the IDE had the "Samples" menu option greyed out from that point and unusable. Maybe confusing for noobies looking for samples?

Great stuff! I'm sure most people buying it are interested in learning and using it, and will help to grow the userbase!

--- Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2019-Jan-16 ---No, I just didn't happen to have better videos available - I am quite short on spare time and the STEM release cost me quite some grey hair.
However... [drumroll] it seems to have paid. I never expected this large impact.

--- End quote ---

Just noticed the vid on Youtube and linked through to Steam - need to follow the forums more often than I do :-[

I've been working on the free version for a while after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 when I couldn't find my GLB registration code after reinstalling - my current project is 2D only so its not been a problem.

It's a good opportunity to repurchase though and support the product development. Will re-buy v16 this afternoon and drop a review on the Steam site.

Hopefully this gets GLB into the spotlight and boosts the community.

OtakuMaker SARL is closing down and is removed all my games in thier bundles (one is still remaining).

What do you thinks if all of us do a "Glbasic: Games Bundle", etc the list you see in the glbasic steam forum.

Also both my TimeKillers games is now free on Steam, but im is gonna to add a "Donation" DLC (which few have used) for Spot Race, and later for CatchOut.

Im do also consider im should release the source code? Even its mightbeen in mix of danish and english and could been documented much better for both TimeKillers games?


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