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Microsoft has been trying to fix this with the release of Express versions of the programming tools, but I agree, there needs to be something done about this. I wish I had picked up programming early on when I was a child but my parents, especially my Dad did nothing to encourage me programming even though I had expressed such desire. So I pretty much have had to do it on my own.
Interesting thing about Sony, they are allowing a lot more Indie Developers for the Vita. They don't want to run into the problem as they did with the PSP which had basically no games and pretty much was on it's death bed ever since it was born. I wouldn't be surprised if they opened up allowing Android Apps on it.
Long time no see ;) I'm thinking about adding Prototypes to my game. The reasoning for this is wanting Callbacks. Am I correct that I can use Prototypes in this manner?
Can we patent law? We would have to carefully word it so that it could and then enforce it on the US or any other country that decides to draft and use it. I think that would finally get the United States to look at the idiocy of patents.

Very nice Gernot. This is something I want to do for my nephew when I get the time to create something like this.
I like inspirational stuff. Keeps me going and using GLBasic.
Better yet, darken the image, make a small lock and put it to the bottom right. Then when it unlocks, have the graphic brighten and change to an unlocked lock.
Try making the lock transparent and maybe switch the pictures.
Maybe the reason they rejected it was due to the locks appearing to cover up the naughty bits and then once you got it, the locks would disappear so you could see the naughty bits.
Watch out for Lodsys, they're going after people using in app purchasing at the moment. Best hold off until the courts can get this mess solved.
Actually with Nokia doing handsets for Microsoft, I wouldn't rule out that they will fail. The handset is quite capable at doing things. One of my friends has one and it appears to do pretty good.
Also, Microsoft is talking about doing Javascript+HTML5 for Windows 8 for the new tablets. It could also be used for their phones.

Did we finalize a time and day or is it just show up when you can?
Off Topic / Re: Nd handheld
Wait, this is by the guy that made Bob's Game. He was the one that wanted Nintendo to publish his game on the DS but Nintendo wouldn't budge. He ended up tearing up his room and getting police involved. While I wouldn't say he is crazy, this is one of those things where it sound too good to be true.
Neat concept and I like the idea, but need to give this a little time to actually get done.
I've been working with the GLBasic Editor and haven't found much to complain about except in the cases of code collapsing causing me Compiling Issues now and then which I have stopped using.
If this can be fixed that would be awesome.
Is this a linking issue? Technically Math.h only contains the headers and not the actual functions, those reside in libm.a. May require -lm flag when compiling.
Although my assumption is probably 99% wrong.