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Hi there!
I see a lot of new people here in the forum...and I guess that we have another bunch looking at GLBasic and I'd like to share with you my experience.
I made 2 games for iOS, Roll'n'Fall and Real Keep Ups (Real Keep Ups was featured in Itunes Home Page as New & Noteworthy in USA !)
Now I'm working in some kind of Roll'n'Fall remake and I'm very happy with the results (the game is still in very early stages but It's looking cool!)
I'd like to say that GLBasic is great! You have a lot of power behind it !
I uploaded a very short video showing a small level running on my Ipod Touch 3G:

Hope you like it!
GLBasic rocks!

Steve Jobs was a great man, and I want to say thank you because, in some manner, he gave me the power to come back to the old days, where only one man could made a game.
Thanks Steve,
Bueno, en breve esta por terminar mi contrato anual con Apple y he vendido algunas copias con mis dos juegos y gracias al ultimo alcance el piso de los U$ 150 en algunas regiones como para que me giren el dinero. Mi pregunta apunta a que ocurre con aquellas regiones en las que tuve ventas y no llego al mínimo...alguien sabe si al finalizar el año te giran el dinero de todos modos??  Mi idea es renovar el contrato.
Hola a todos, quería compartir con vosotros mi próximo juego, que espero que esté disponible a fines de este mes.
Es un simple juego de toquecitos o jueguitos, como quieran llamarlo, pero con la diferencia que debes usar tu dedo para controlar la pierna en lugar de golpear la pelota.

Espero que les guste!!
Hi to all!
I'd like to share with you my upcoming next game for Iphone (It's waiting for review right now)... :P
It's just another "keep it ups" game but you have to use your finger to control your leg instead of hitting the ball.

Thanks to Glbasic users and Gernot !
Hope you like it!
Hi to all...
I'd like to know if is there a way to get the device name of any Iphone\Ipod touch? (the name that you see under Settings\General\Information in your Iphone)

Hello !!
After a few :whistle: problems trying to upload our binary our first game "Roll'n'Fall" is waiting for review in Itunes connect !
I'd like to say thank you to fellows here in Glbasic forum, specially to Trucidare, Ozden, Ian, Ampos, and, of course, Gernot for your support !!
Here you can see Roll'n'Fall in action!!! :