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Quote from: matchy on 2011-Sep-24
Quote from: Millerszone on 2011-May-31
I could care less about originality, my goal is to make money. Over 60,000 downloads.  :)
Hit the Deck Baseball not there yet.

I'm always open for moral discussion.
No suprise here, I was waiting for a Matchy post. I'm sure he couldn't wait for this day to happen.
Yes! I could still care less about originality, as long as I can make money on an app.
Joust clone here I come. :)

My plan is to convert Just Pong into a table top tennis game with ads of my other games and put it as free. Should take a hour or two to convert.

The name Just Pong infringes the Pong trademark name, but I also infringed with the copyrights.
This from Atari...
"Atari's copyrights for PONG protect what can be described as the "look and feel" of the PONG game.  This includes the sounds, graphics, fonts, colors, gameplay, user interface, etc.  It also protects the arrangement and coordination of these elements.  As seen in the attached screenshots, the font and size of the score, the black background, dotted line field divider, white square ball, and white rectangular paddles are all substantially similar to Atari's PONG.  Additionally, the combination of all these elements, as embodied in "Just Pong" and "Just Pong SD," copies the coordination, selection and arrangement of Atari's PONG elements.  For these reasons, we also included a copyright claim in our notice."

Actually my game has a top and bottom border and plays better with more options. ;)
I guess I really took it overboard when I added original pong sounds as option.

I searched the iTunes store, there are over 300 Pong type games currently available.
Well, I finally received one of those nasty letters from Apple yesterday...
"We received a notice from Atari, Inc. that Atari, Inc. believes your applications named "Just Pong"
and "Just Pong SD" infringe Atari, Inc.'s intellectual property rights. In particular, Atari, Inc. believes
you are infringing their trademark and copyright."

I knew the day was going to come, just thought is was going to come a lot sooner.
Just Pong had over 200,000 downloads, most were free, but did make good money, not far behind
my other game Hit the Deck Baseball. I never planned on making money with Just Pong. It was
basically my first game ever and wanted to see how the iTunes app store process worked.

It's just sad that Atari has to send out these letters to independent developers for a 40 year old

Well they didnt get Classic Pong yet, its available on webOS, had to rename because Just Pong was
already taken on webOS. It is doing good with over 30,000 downloads, again most are free.

Thanks for the above code. I'll try it out.
It has been one year since I purchased GLBasic SDK Premium License.
I believe it was version In that one year, Gernot has added webOS, Android,
some great new features and almost all bugs were fixed at no charge.
Thanks Gernot!

Here is a suggestion, when a user logs in into their account, maybe you can add this
message somewhere in the users account.

Since updates are free, those who want to support the further GLBasic development
can do it here. Thank you !
[PayPal Button]

or this

Got this from:
You probably already have this info.

Create a P12 file on Windows
Code (glbasic) Select

On Windows, you use OpenSSL to convert the iOS developer certificate file into a PEM certificate file
and then generate a P12 file based on the PEM certificate and the certificate key you generated earlier
with the request.

Create a PEM file by entering the following command-line statement from the OpenSSL bin directory:
openssl x509 -in developer_identity.cer -inform DER -out developer_identity.pem -outform PEM

Generate a valid P12 file by entering the following command-line statement from the OpenSSL bin directory.
Use the PEM version you just created and the private key you generated earlier when creating the certificate
signing request (CSR) file.

openssl pkcs12 -export -inkey mykey.key -in developer_identity.pem -out iOS_dev.p12

Quote from: Kitty Hello on 2011-Sep-14
oh bad. Please use createscreen instead of grabscreen until I might be able to fix it.

O.k. I used CREATESCREEN for the full screen field, and worked perfect, but I also use GRABSPRITE 
to copy parts of the field. I guess that's not possible with CREATESCREEN since there is no postion x,y.

Any other way that I can capture parts of the screen or will I have to just make separate sprites or wait for a fix?

FPS is back up to 60. I forgot to remove delta timing from the animations, didn't need for webOS.

After I do a GRABSPRITE my images are displayed incorrectly when I display the grabbed image.

Here is the grabsprite image 768x1024 redisplayed:
I'm getting 60 fps with pong game. I don't know why HTD is lagging. All other devices it runs at 60+.
I'm using all images from iPad and are hires. Field image is 1.4 mb png alone.
Anyway, won't be converting HTD to touchpad since I 'm working on new projects.

I still have to do more testing with HTD Baseball on the Touchpad, but grabsprite doesn't work correctly. Game is in portrait mode and like Ian said, it's upside down from the home button, no big deal.

Also having lag, FPS seems to be only 30 fps. With this game anything less than 60fps the ball won't be smooth. Game runs at 60 fps on an old pre with 1.4.5.

I noticed flash video is really sluggish on the Touchpad.

I still have until the end of the month to return my loaner touchpad. Might be returning to HP.

Last week I signed up to receive an email notification when HP has more TouchPad's in stock.
If I get lucky and get one, I sell to Gernot.

This is where I signed up for the email notification. Currently not taking anymore.

HP should have gave the firesale prices to webOS developers first.

Quote from: Qube on 2011-Aug-30
I prefer to be able to compile, code sign and install my App directly from my Mac via a GLB Mac IDE  :nana: - Now that, I would be willing to pay for, a proper Mac IDE which is at least a carbon copy of the Windows one, but for OS X :booze:

In fact, for a proper OS X version of GLB I'd be willing to ship out £200 no problems.


Still waiting for a fix:

You can send me your app to test, but I don't think it'll work.
send to:
I believe it is possible to publish your app to the Mac App Store:

Kitty Hello:
-AppStore is the very same as the iOS store.
-Problems, yes!!! Use PLATFORMINFO$("APPDATA") to store your settings. Don't write to DOCUMENTS
-They complained a bit about there's no menu, no options and such, so I had to add these.
-Italian might be no problem. Isn't that the same as Spain? XD