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GeoMeTry! For Ipad and Ipad Mini
Cost: $0,99

Capture and absorve Geoms (geometric forms with specific movement) by fully encircling them with your finger's drawing. The number and speed of Geoms increases with each passing level increasing the difficulty of the task. You must avoid red rectangles in the grid, but be aware!, your finger makes pressure on the grid deforming it. If your finger touches a Geom, you lose a live, but you can get more lives absorving letters and forming the "extra" word.
Circling more than one Geom multiplies your score. On higher levels, a Geom with a double laser blade makes your drawing more difficult! But nothing is impossible, you can absorve bombs and drop them to destroy all Geoms in a level!

-An easy to play, hard to master game
-For all ages !
-150 levels
-Addictive gameplay!

Thank DaCarSoft for your reply!!!  :nw:
It works like a charm!
Is there any way to make it works in landscape???
Feliz Navidad para todos!!!
Esa rubia tiene una hermana???  :D
Felicitaciones Alex!!!  :good:
Terminar un juego siempre es un desafío....... y lo haz superado muy bien!!!
Se vé interesante!!!
This is good for coding:

or this:

Quote from: Omadan on 2011-Nov-17
so its been hacked?
Oh my God in just 1-2 weeks hacked.
Can we do something about it?
does it get hacked easier coz its done on Glbasic or something or they would hack it all the same in Obj-C
for crying out loud games are just 69p, and we work our butts off to receive this sad behaviour.

Welcome to the club!  :P

I guess Erico is right, you must consider as free publicity!
Así nunca vamos a volvernos ricos !!!!!!
Definitivamente van a tener que hacer algo estos de Apple.
Hola pinete

a) Generalmente toman una semana.

b) Tu decides si quieres que se publique apenas esté aprobada o cuando.  Eso lo haces a través de Itunes Connect

c) Nunca he puesto publicidad, sinceramente no se si es un gran negocio.

Mucha suerte!
You're 'just' the app developer, you aren't the responsible for the app, the contents and the future of It. To be clear, I think that you must use the App Store signing key  from your customer (who must pay $99 and fill the correct form  ;) ) to sign your app.

Hi Ampos...
I tried to do a nice code to check JPG image size but it's not fully functional  :-[

Code (glbasic) Select
OPENFILE (1,"test.jpg",1)

LOCAL data1%
LOCAL data2%

GLOBAL width%
GLOBAL height%

LOCAL bye=0

WHILE bye=0

READUBYTE 1,data1%

//search for 0xFF (255)
IF data1%=255

READUBYTE 1,data2%

//search for 0XC0 (192)
IF data2%=192

//we skips 3 bytes

READUBYTE 1,data1%
READUBYTE 1,data1%
READUBYTE 1,data1%

//now we get the height
READUBYTE 1,data1%
READUBYTE 1,data2%

//now we get the width
READUBYTE 1,data1%
READUBYTE 1,data2%




PRINT "width: "+width,10,10
PRINT "height: "+height,10,40

SLEEP 3000

This code is pretty slow and It only works for very small images (width / height under 128 pixels).  I can't found a readxxxxxx command that suit the many bytes that you need to get the correct values for bigger images, but I'm sure that some guru here can help us.
Sorry again, I hope it helps anyway

Quote from: Qube on 2011-Oct-28
Thanks for the links, Slydog  :good:

Galaxix version 1.01 which DOES work on the iPad 1 (may need to reboot to maximise free memory) has speedily been approved by Apple and is now just waiting for it to appear in their database, so anywhere between now and an hour or two  =D

Big relief they approved the update so quick, phew!!!
Wow, that's really fast!
You're a lucky man !  :good:

You have a great game there, congrats!
Felicitaciones Ampos!!
La nueva estrella del cine español??  :D
Felicitaciones Omadan, se nota que has puesto mucho trabajo!
Un poco escatologico el juego, no?  =D
Saludos y mucha suerte en el App Store!
Wow, It looks very polished, great work!
+1 for in game videos