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Hi there,

I've just bought the full version of GLB after trying the demo out for (quite) a while and am really impressed with what it can do in 2d. Can't wait to see what the 3D is like.

I'm a huge fan of retro 8-bit games and systems but I've also recently got hold of a Raspberry PI and am wondering just how easy it is to write stuff in GLB that will compile to run on the PI.

Any help would be appreciated.



Welcome Widget101, there are some experiments on the PI around the forum, I think Matchy has a head on it.
Have fun!


There are some bugs in the RaspberryPi compiler but otherwise it's runs the same on any platform.


Hi! Another beginner's question: how does it go with R314159? What system is needed on the R'pi to host the game? Or does the compiled game run directly from the card, as a single, direct executable (without a system)?
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Quote from: sf-in-sf on 2016-Feb-16
how does it go with R314159?

What is that?