Android V2.3.4, model LG-P990

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Hi I have graphical problems with GLBasic game on my Android V2.3.4, model LG-P990.
My game works great in emulator and on my wifes 2.3.3 HTC WildFire S.
The sprites appear as white boxes.


Sounds like the sprites may not be loading correctly, although if they are displaying in the right dimensions that suggests something is getting though unless you are using POLYVECTOR. To test you could try the command DOESFILEEXIST("[yourspritefile]") and displaying the results before the game starts. Also, try testing GETSCREENSIZE and GETDESKTOPSIZE and displaying the results. I previously found a white box problem came down to an issue where the resolution was not picking up correctly (coming out 0x0 display).


Also GRABSPRITE/CREATESCREEN may not work on certain devices, so that should be avoided