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it would be more than amazing to implement some kind of easing functions, at least in my honest opinion :)
This is an interesting link that looks, apparently, very easy to implement...
keep the good job! I'm anxious to see it moving forward!
Amazing!!!!!! I cannot believe it!!!!!!
Beta Tests / Re: V11 beta
Thanks MrTatoad!! ;)
I didn't noticed you posted previously that info :P
Beta Tests / Re: V11 beta
Hi Guys ;)
Could I ask about the new features/improvements of V11?
It would be great to know something more about it.
Maybe there is some link/thread I can see in order to obtain this information?
Thanks a lot!!

I need some help as I've been looking for a solution in the forums and I wasn't fortunate..

Is there any way to mirror a sprite drawed with the function 'ROTOZOOMANIM'?

I noticed that's possible with other commands refered to single sprites (zoomsprite using -1 in axis params) or such, but I need to mirror frames of an animation that it's being played with ROTOZOOMANIM.

Some help would be more than appreciated :)

thanks in advance!
Hi Trudicare,
what you mean with 'ARC' and 'autorelease tool'?
does it means those libs for Gamecenter or openfeint are fully functional? if so, do I'd need to do some work around?
thanks a lot in advance ;)
Game Center and Openfeint integration might be fantasic!
as far as I know there exist memory leaks in the current ones.. I don't know if I'm looking for it doing my best..
could you please tell us what http code in the forum are you referring to?
it seems quite good!
Hi all!
somebody knows the way in which I could 'tint' a sprite?
What I need it's make the whole sprite of one unique color.
Is this possible?
Hi guys :)
I was just wondering if there has been any improvement or update for this project as it's sleeping for almost a year, and really, to have openfeint in our games could be great..
My concern is regarding last post from Blackway related to memory leaks.. it was solved??
Could I ask for the current status of the libraries??
thanks a lot!
completely agree with Crivens!
how is it going? this project seems quite interesting! it would be great to have it done to boost the games of the community! :)
let us know something more about it!!!  :nw:
best of lucks!
Hi coolo!
your project seems awesome. Are there any news about? when do you expect to release it?
BTW it would be very interesting to make a sticky post in the general EN forum :) people would be glad to know how is it the project growing up! :P
any news regarding this awesome project?? does it work yet? please let us know how is it going!!!!!!