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I need some help as I've been looking for a solution in the forums and I wasn't fortunate..

Is there any way to mirror a sprite drawed with the function 'ROTOZOOMANIM'?

I noticed that's possible with other commands refered to single sprites (zoomsprite using -1 in axis params) or such, but I need to mirror frames of an animation that it's being played with ROTOZOOMANIM.

Some help would be more than appreciated :)

thanks in advance!
Hi all!
somebody knows the way in which I could 'tint' a sprite?
What I need it's make the whole sprite of one unique color.
Is this possible?
solo quería preguntar si alguien tiene una tableta Archos G9, ya que estoy considerando seriamente comprar una..
Y si no, alguna recomendación? ya tengo un ipad y queria pillar ahora una android :)
Quería preguntaros si me podiais orientar en unas cuantas cosas:
a) El tiempo que se tarda en aprobar una aplicación, de media, algo normal
b) Su una vez aprobada, te comunican que esta aprobada y tu decides cuando la pones en la tienda, o por el contrario, una vez que la aprueban, te la ponen en la tienda directamente.
c) Alguien ha puesto publicidad en algun sitio? como se coordina para que salga a la vez?

gracias de antemano, ando un poco desorientado.. :)
GLBasic - en / windows phone
is it possible to make windows phone 7 games with GLBasic? sorry if the question is silly :P
Hola a todos :)
he preguntado esto en el foro general pero aun no he tenido mucho exito...
Sabeis de algun programa o herramienta para saber cuanta memoria esta consumiendo la app en un iphone mientras se esta ejecutando desde xcode?
gracias por adelantado y saludos!
I would appreciate so much if somebody could help me out with this matter..
My goal is to see how much memory is consumming my app during execution in an iPhone :)
thanks in advance!

I'm obtaining this error in the log just when quit clicking on "x" top right on the game window

*** Unhandled exception ***

the game seems to work perfectly but I get this error, and sometime, also when quit, apperars the typical error window saying that mygame.exe doesn't work, what do you want to do, quit or wait to this applications works again...

Any hint about the reason this is related to or the reason because this uses to happen?

Thanks in advance!
Thanks for those amazing updates Gernot. :)  :good:
just to share I believe there is a bug with DRAWANIM function.
It works fine on PC but some frames make artifacts (last frame) when running on iPad.
Code is basic and stripe is 384x64, 12 frames.
Could it be possible?
There is not much space in where I can do something wrong :)
thanks in advance!
Hi all,
I'm having a problem with my project trying to make it work properly on iPad.

It's not related to codesigning or universal app issues or any other compilation matter... it seems to be problem of the background of the game, what is 2048x2048 jpg.

While iPhone 4 32gb works fine, when I make an universal app and compile for iPad target, it only works if I change the size of the texture, any other way it crashes and come back to iPad desktop.

So I'm wondering if this is something normal due to the bitmap size (I've read iPad can handle 2048x2048 bitmaps as max tex size) or it's just related to some other issue I don't know.

Could you please help me out with this matter or point me in the right direction??
thanks a lot in advance.
Hi all!
I would like to know how it is possible to know the iPhone default language.
Talking with people who has develop multilanguage games, they've told me they just look the default language settings on the phone to choose the app language automatically, no icons, no flags and no different apps for each territory, just access to phone info in order to setup this.
How this possible?

Hi all,
just to say I've been using GLBasic for some months currently after buy it..

At first glance I wasn't 100% convinced, but at the moment, after working with it during last months and take it seriously, I've a project running on PC, Iphone, Ipad, Android... that's just great, no problems, minimum effort, a lot of tools....... Superb!, seeing how Gernot improve it with a lot of updates, with his implication within the community day per day, it is a MUST to me to say that GLBasic, right now is absolutely amazing, and to me, far from its apparently 'rivals' so, in short a BIG THANKS for this product, biggest congratulations to Gernot and the people who make this possible every day. I can guarantee my support as evangelizer to talk about GLBasic wonders. ;)

thanks ;)  :nw:
Hi All,
recently I have read a post talking about the possibilities of adding another target to GLBasic in a closed future, what may be HTML5.
I'm quite interested in this matter as I firmly believe it's the future (or at least, a part of it)  so I would like and appreciate so much if someone would have more information  regarding this topic :)
Thanks a lot in advance..
..and my vote for a HTML5 target for GLBASIC!!  :booze:
GLBasic - en / new version?
Hi all,
I used to visit this page everyday although I don't use to be a specially active member :P.. but I would like to know if anyone knows when it's planned a new update.. I ask this because yesterday morning I see in the news section information (where appears the last updates info), some updates about version MC 10.xx with a lot more of features, and in the afternoon, when I did enter again, that info was dissapeared and again, v9.040 was in the top of news.
Thanks in advance!
GLBasic - en / next update
Just wondering about if anyone knows if there will be a next update and what kind of stuff it will have :)
Me gustaría preguntaros si habéis hecho algo en 3D para el Iphone o el Ipad con GLBasic.. me voy a poner a mirarlas y quería saber que opinión teníais..
Hi all, :)
It would be great to have the posibility of compiling a .GBAS file without the need of creating a project and save it, what is annoying when you just need to take a quick look at a small source. Just a start & go in the same way other languages allow you to do.  :P
I don't know about the difficulty of implementing this kind of feature but I'm sure a lot of users will appreciate it so much.
I've mention it in the general forum and Ian let me know It would be a good idea to ask for this feature in a official way ;)
I hope this idea seems good enough to be moved forward  :good:
Thanks a lot in advance!
Hi all,
maybe this is silly question, so sorry in that case..
Is there any way to compile just a simple .gbas file without having to setup a entire project?
sometimes is hard to go through all the steps to create and save a project only to run a .gbas small code.
Thanks in advance ;)
Hi all,
I'm trying to develop a small game for Iphone 4 and I'm working on a 17" laptop with a max screen resolution of 1440x900, which is very common as far as I know.
When I create the screen (setscreen 640,960,false) in order to get Iphone resolution, the window that appears after press F5 it's vertically bigger than screen.. until here, no problems.. just a little part on top and bottom of window is 'beaten", but as I say, appareantly that's not a problem...
But when I try to detect if the mouse coordinates are inside a box (a simple function), it results in errors, just returning a simple check!.. I was turning crazy until I decided to change the screen res at 1024x768, when it started to return the correct values..
So.. in seems that mouse coordinates returned by "mousestate" are dependant of the portion of window visible at screen!!!
It seems crazy!! I'm wrong??? How can I fix it? what I'm doing wrong?
Someone else has experienced the same problem???

thanks a lot ;)