GLBasic Terminal Window ASCII Reference Chart

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Just a reference chart, ive been playing around making ancient technology menus =D
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This suddenly brings me so good memories of chr back in coco or any other 8bit days. :good: :-*


Jej yes erico CH$(x) and symbol after for make your own graphics...

Hemlos in the Help we have this page, I only say perhpas you don't rebember.. too much older info in the forum but forgotten.

Ian Price

I use the ASCII and CHR$ help info regularly - even in this day and age there's still a need to have this info handy. I also have a font guide/template for my own bitmap fonts stored in the main GLB folder for easy reference.
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Couple things to note

STDOUT wont work with CHR$, however, you can ok$=chr$(); STDOUT ok$ + '\n'
Code (glbasic) Select

FUNCTION gSTDOUT: col%, text$
STDOUT text$ + "\n"
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O