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Category: games
Webos: 1.4.5+
Cost:  0.99$ / 0.99€ / 0.79£

Oh my God, it is full of stars!

But our sky is not only full of stars, but also of butterflies, hearts, snowflakes,... and all of them, glowing with colors!

Expand your art experience with this new kind of painting tool, while you get some fun and relax yourself!

Also, your kids will be very entertained while playing with a sky full of dreams.

Peaceful music will accompany during game-play, and some beautiful sparkly sound when you spread fairy magic on your screen!

Glowing Sky has a ton of settings to play with, and a unique feature: automatic rain. Fill the screen with your desired figure or color, and watch this relaxing experience.

Another unique feature will make this even more enjoyable: gravity movement. Tilt your device to move the raining figures.

Glowing Sky features:

-Draw with glowing pencils.
-Blinking animated figures.
-Relax and fun to play with.
-Unlimited particles on screen.
-Ton of settings to play with.
-Rain (auto) particle system.
-Gravitational rain.
-Different settings for rain particles and finger particles.
-Peaceful harpsichord music
-Accompanying sparkle sounds.

Here is is! in just 3 days it has been approved!






Now it is also on Android Market (and AppsLib store!)


AppsLib: I emailed the chinesses about an url...


This is amazing...

GLOWING SKY FREE for WebOS has 6800 downloads (I want AdMod!!!!  :'( :'( :'( :'( ) despiste it is buggy (fix sent to HP). Yesterday was 5000 downloads and 30 purchases (before the free around 20). But now it has increased to 68 purchases (a 10% return!).

If we compare with iOS, FREE has 900 downloads, and full has 8 purchases since FREE was out, 47 purchases in total. Also Free got 6 conversions using InApp (all of $.99)

So far, I earn $28 with full and $12 with free, although full has been out 2 1/2 months more than Free.

Since Aug 24, when free was released, it made $8 by iAD and $4 with InApp. In this time, FULL has done $4.

Oh, on Android, 4 days for Free and Full around 1 week more. Free got 142 downloads and FULL 8. Perhaps 2 purchases since FREE.

Magic Coin Box full/free has done 73/3700 downloads (16 since FREE was out), making a total of $56/$25 ($4 since FREE was out). FREE money just come from iADs.


-In my next WebOS app I will set PIXI compatibility even knowing it will not work. I want all this users blaming me.

(ps: I know my apps are crap!)

Kitty Hello

you can compile pixi compatible. The "PALM_PIXI" platform also runs on pre and touchpad.


1.- The Pixi compilation does not runs on Pixi, as you (should) know as you have the source code of Glowing to check why it does not work.

2.- I want it not working on Pixi. They have downloaded it tons of times and blame it, and it has been positive :)


GLOWING SKY FREE for WebOS has reached 10.022 downloads today. Shame there is no AdMob. And will not. Google will drop AdMob for Webos next 30th.

Also AdMob for iOS and Android will be out in a short time, and should change to AdSense instead:


Woot!  :enc: :enc: :enc:

HP sent me $161.80 for September.

Glowing Sky did 12000 downloads on September, and today it is 21200.


Nice! It has to be very gratifying to see that people like your creations.


12000 downloads and only 160 €, How much does it cost your app?


12000 FREE downloads, cenutrio.

123 sales. Plus other apps on Store and I think, some money from previous months.


You need AdMob  :whistle: