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If You can don't forget to share it here ;) Every code, specially with some tricks can learn us something.
Can it store multiple files? I'm not sure if there is some Mem2Sound function so does it support different file types or only images, maybe with some encoding for protection.

Checked on normal game projects, packing&loading images/audio works fine, no issues, later I will double check on my re-uploaded Steam game, but looks that everything is working as it should.
Thanks for fixing this bug  :)

btw. interesting is that new ShoeBox packer takes much longer to pack files, previously it was ~2seconds for 20MB media file, now it takes around 40seconds, final file is little bigger but as it's working it's not an issue. Thanks again ;)

I checked latest beta and this problem still appears, but now after some test I'm not sure if it's bit depth dependent or it's caused by something else. Simplest way it would be to test ShoeBox packer on attached files:
- base file is bitmap font (24bit PNG) from DingsFont tool, it will cause error,
- black image sized same as above file, saved/exported from Gimp 24bit PNG, will cause error,
- same black image but saved from Paint.Net, wont raise the error,
I hope that this will help somewhat to find the issue, if You prefer You can send me only 'ShoeBox.exe', as there is no need to do all those Steam app update stuff before it's fixed.

GLBasic - en / Re: Windows - Universal App?
« on: 2021-Mar-14 »
If that would be a proper UWP app that will be great, as Xbox console's have 'dev mode' that allows for much simpler testing such games as developer and there would be some chance to publish them on Microsoft Store for consoles as indie dev, of course if game would be compliant with the guidelines. That would be in form of ready to use appx package or VisualStudio project file (I don't know if consoles have proper debug mode that would send some debug info to connected pc like it's working in smartphones)? Anyway all additional platforms are welcome.

GLBasic - de / Re: Playsound
« on: 2021-Mar-14 »
You can't change sound volume when it's already playing - after PLAYSOUND was used, not sure if it's possible even with SDL inline. PlaySound should be used for playing short sound effects, for long things like music use PlayMusic command, where you can adjust volume during play. Additional things can be done with SDL inline.
Sry for english but I didn't use Deutsch for years :d

Announcements / Re: Comming up features
« on: 2021-Mar-14 »
Thanks for looking into it but there is still some issue, check my post in that bug topic.
In Logfile update list I saw that HTML5 platform was added, was it updated to latest emscripten or need some old version is still needed or something? As it was already in this topis there were serious issues with previously available version.

Qedo: find GLBasic on Your Steam Library list, right click - Properties - Betas and there select beta builds :-) from what I see standard version also was updated.

Generally do what's best in Your opinion, will it be fixing Shoebox or adding some other lib to pack media files into one, it's irrelevant, just that it would work and hopefully it would be cross-platform. Repacking all packed media files is not an issue, I always do it before building 'release' version of projects.

Thanks for looking at this issue and fixing it mostly, I checked new beta (ver 16.833) and most files are packed/loaded properly but there is a new problem: Shoebox app (that packer) has some issues with 24bit depth PNG files, it crashes when I try to pack folder with such files, even if that's only file in directory. Whats more interesting it looks like 8bit PNG or 24bit BMP images doesn't cause such issue. Hopefully this little issue would be fast to track and fix :-)

Announcements / Re: Comming up features
« on: 2021-Mar-09 »
New improvements in IDE and language features are welcome, also nice to see some fixes for few bugs, yet from what I've checked that bug with loading images from ShoeBox wasn't fixed :/ I hope that this also will come in proper update ;-) I mentioned that bug here

GLBasic - en / Re: Windows - Universal App?
« on: 2021-Mar-07 »
@Youkaisan was faster than me.
Previously that tool was known as 'Desktop App Converter' and was capable of for example converting win32 VLC player app to UWP platform some random video
From what I've read somewhere years ago it can also wrap OpenGL calls to DirectX and so on, so should be able to convert GLB app into UWP, if You have a lot of willpower I hope that You can test it and see if it would work.

Other way would be directly importing GLB project temporary C++ sources to VisualStudio and trying to build app as UWP, there was even some OpenGL to DX wrapper that would alow to direct use of OpenGL commands in source so they wouldn't be altered.

Off Topic / Re: Happy Christmas!
« on: 2020-Dec-25 »
maybe late but still Happy Christmas to everyone, and I wish You and Your families a lot of health, this is the most important thing in current situation. And hope this upcoming year will be better for a all of us :-)

GLBasic - en / Re: 3D and GLB
« on: 2020-Aug-12 »
I'm not expert in 3d are of GLB, I mostly use it with 2d, but basic 3d in few situations are useful, if I would need to use advanced 3d and need to use Inline or something to achieve that it would be just more straight to use other tool that has needed features.

For tutorials You should use only pure GLB code (at least at start), to show all features and just to explain all concepts, for beginners using inline may be confusing in my opinion. But as addition in more advanced tutorials will give wiser possibilities.

eh.. I forgot that X_SetShader doesn't work on Android :>

GLBasic - en / Re: Box2D released 2.4.0
« on: 2020-Aug-12 »
It looks that I missed few base64 encoders, Moru (dead link?) and Marmor (forum link) created some, I will check it, but as there are no issues with sending raw binary files not sure if I'll use it.

Generally GLBasic has some issues - mostly bugs/compatibility related, it's quite lightweight without ton of libs, on other hand you need to put all of this by yourself, and for most time it's overkill for small projects/visualizations/prototyping. In core there is nothing wrong, but just other tools and technologies evolved so much, for 2d specially JS and WebGL engines, for prototyping it's much faster - no recompile = instant preview, and that's crucial now days. If you have working mechanic and need speed GLB is a good solution in comparison to some other tools.

Some good tutorials would be helpful for possible new users, or maybe showcase with newer projects, being mentioned in such media as GamesFromScratch also would help gain some user base. But for that few thing probably should be fixed/changed.

GLBasic - en / Re: Box2D released 2.4.0
« on: 2020-Aug-10 »
So tell me now where are those updated bindings for GLB? :D
That's good YT channel, always some useful, few days ago I also saw that grant for RayLib from Epic, and I was curious what status of Your wrapper?
btw. Do You have some base64 encoder code for GLB? I don't want to use Encode$ as it make encoded content much longer, need to upload image in Post request.

edit: got it working with
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
Content-Type: multipart/form-datawith pure binary file data, it was needed to upload screenshot/image with GLB to web server. But still if You have base64 encoder don't hesitate to share ;)

GLBasic - en / Re: Android build issues
« on: 2020-Aug-06 »
Not sure how access privileges now work in Android but easiest way to verify that would be trying to save any kind of file with OpenFile / OpenIni in that directory, that's first thing to check, even double check for other directories like mentioned Documents and so on.
Custom saving sprite function - as bmp is simple, but as png wuld require to work with some compression library like zlib.
Another solution could be using directly Android API to make screenshots, that would be in Java and called from GLB.

GLBasic - en / Re: Android build issues
« on: 2020-Aug-04 »
Didn't use Android target for a long time, but be sure to always set current dir (probably to 'Documents') before each SaveSprite command,
If that's not an issue, does it affect both *bmp and *png saving? v16 has some bugs, maybe this is some new one :/

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