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GLBasic - en / iphone new app submission
« on: 2010-May-06 »
Hi All,

Following 'the announcement' from Apple, just wondering if anyone has had any 'new apps' submission or approval issues regarding phone apps originally written in GLB?  I can see from the news section of this website that this should not be the case, but was just wondering anyway.

Cheers, Shawnus

Announcements / freelance work
« on: 2010-Feb-02 »
Hi all,

Just an enquiry:

I have a small project which I would like to push to the iphone and some consoles & wondered if someone might be able to do this & their hourly rates?

I would like to see previous work & following this I can supply the demo, blitz3D source code (if that helps) and all media.

The only constraint is that:
a) there is a requirement to support 2 cameras in the iphone.
b) one of the cameras must be 'inverted'

I know this is technically possible in Unity (as I have already paid for a unity programmer to create a similar demo) but I would need to make sure its possible in GLBasic, and that this functionality is exportable to the iphone.

Just as an idea, the demo is basically a camera set on a sphere which rotates (& zooms in and out) around some anatomical models resting on a piece of medical equipment. The medical equipment contains a camera which 'looks' at the models. All the models are 3ds.

I would be grateful if anyone could help me with this.

Kind regards, Shawnus

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