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Hello chaps, just a quick note, itchio relates the tools used to make games and other stuff, I think GLBasic should be listed.
Here is the link to the news:

Go down to "Add your own tools to's browse pages" and there should be a link "you can check out the application here".
I checked the link and it feels it is something Gernot should fill instead of us.

I think it is worth adding GLB to that list. I currently list GLB and add links on my game pages, but it should be better if there is a tag and people can browse a list of games done with it.
What do you guys think?


Hey, I also noticed that has separate category for game development tools/languages, and briefly checked required info for submitting process, but I also think that Gernot should fill that, with proper company name, app logo, some screenshots, and specific app details.
When you submit your game to you can select which tools/language was used to make it, and it's listed on bottom of app's page, and this could be usefully to attract some more users.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


Could also be useful for a showcase, the tag will show all games marked done with the tool.


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