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 :( :( :( :(
Ohhh!!! It's a pity! It is so hard to implement on MacOs X?
Ok. The black screen is the empty editor screen and I notice there is an input field there. If I write the name of my map file nothing happens.
My new 2D editor is ready  :) . It runs fine on Windows 7 and under MacOs X 10.6 I can construct a map with all tiles. But when I want to save it I use FILEREQUEST$ to open a file request dialog and I get nothing but a black screen.

Is this a bug?

Hola chicos, saludos desde Madrid.

Yo no tengo mucho tiempo para programar pero me gusta hacerlo de vez en cuando. He estado inmerso en los ratos libres con Unity pero cuando descubrí GLBasic y su capacidad para hacer juegos fáciles para el iPhone, no me lo pensé.

De momento he hecho un editor en 2D para crear mis mapas con scroll. Ahora estoy haciendo un juego de naves, pero voy tan lento que quizá el iPhone no exista cuando lo acabe.  ;)

Nos vemos por aquí!! Saludetes,

I'm a Mac user and I have installed GlBasic on my Mac running with CrossOver. But I experienced strange problems so I recommend to use Parallels. GlBasic runs fine on it!!
Yes Kitty. If I use file$=FILEREQUEST$(TRUE, "Text|*.txt|All|*.*")  I have the same problem.
file$ returns the full path and I just need the name of that file and extension.

Wow Slydog!!. A function that checks where is the last "/"  to get the file name. Great!!!

Many thanks!!

With this code:
ok = OPENFILE(channel%, file$, mode%)

I get the full path to my file. But, how do I get just the name of my file?
Many thanks guys!!  :)
I'm making an RPG with several tiles per map. I think is better and fast to put all this map tiles in a unique .png file 1024x1024, but I don't know the best way to split the png into 64x64 sprites. Most of you (I believe) use GRABSPRITE but in the manual it says "On the iPhone, this command only works in Portrait mode." and I think is very slow, isn't it?

What about use instead LOADANIM? Do I get best performance? Does it work properly in iPhone?
Quote from: ketil on 2010-Aug-04
Heyyy ... It can also be done in FreeBASIC :)

Wow!! Great!! Thanks again!!
Thanks ketil for your replay. So I suppose that I have to write my own code to read the tiled map in XML format. If anyone has experience in this matter or there is one tutorial, help will be appreciated.  =D
Hi!! I'm very new at this forum and in GLBasic development. I'm interested in a iPhone game. An RPG with 20 or more huge tiled maps. The game will be in 2D with a scroll system. My question is simple. How do yoy construct a tiled map? Inside the main code or in externals files? Is there any tiled editor that works with glbasic? In XML perhaps like