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Thanks again chaps! <3
I should not bring personal problems to us, it is just that I had to vent it. The inability to complete/achieve anything within an year time scale and with a darker future ahead poisons a soul.
As far as I know, the majority of the world has much much harder trouble.

Let´s change the subject, gotta get back into production.
Alectryon will have to hang for a while, I will try my best to finish this zx game here:

If all goes ok till next month, I hope to bring the game into GLBasic. Maybe this one could be the type of 3d stuff we could work out.
If the underlying 2d and map/stage making is done (on the zx), should be a matter of direct port just spicing up with 3d GFX, but something geared towards that from the very start.
Yep I could say that Blender is on a path to overthrown other 3d packages for quite a while and I do believe they are right there already.
I believe vanguard on that front is now on their room, other than open source, you get a neat script language :)
Heck, one can even video edit or kind of after effect into it :) So an upgrade on their file format support is just marvelous.
Also, one can look into their game engine... maybe that can be exported too?
Great work, will give a try as time pops in :)
Just to let you know I´m interested into it too, if I haven´t said that before :D
Testing and working things out is a bit hard these days, but hopefully soon.
Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
That would be a very nice boot!
Super thanks for the support and good will chaps!
Thing is, it is mostly about total lack of work, and I understand that to be hard to get any help as recommending someone is never simple.
Anyways, if you guys know of anyone that could use the things I do, just let them know I exist :)

I will try create a patreon and local brazillian similar stuff next weekend. Will also see into making my games available directly by paypal on my site as well as attempt art commission through tweeter. Maybe a combo like that can easy things up. I have designed a game making course with GLB but haven´t got opportunity to push it forward through covid. Maybe that could blend into those funding deeds? Or maybe the best shot is to do it locally with classes of 3 or 4 people or both options.
I also have been trying to do retro games, zx spectrum stuff for a compo this next month if I can complete it in time.
If I can, maybe that will also be a good front, the compo may bring publicity to it.

Anyways, let´s move on.
I will try finish that zx spectrum game and then get back to this one.
Thanks again chaps!

I have a few ideas for 3d and the likes but it has been quite hard to get anything going.
Steam bites 60% of the revenue in USA taxes and whatnot, Itchio does the same, at least it is free to sell stuff there.
Steam for me is gone, it is impossible to afford the 100 dollars check-in with the current misery, no jobs and high inflation in Brazil.
Off Topic / Re: Sir Clive
Sad news indeed
I think Blender has become the tool with the most pioneer content nowadays. It is starting to grow above the payed competition.
In fact I´m now facing a lot of trouble for that bashing code and no pre-production, stuff is taking longer. Lots of exceptions I have to deal with and it will be slightly worse when AI time comes up.
But here another test and plenty bug fixes.
It could work. But like I said. The code is spitted/bashed. There will be trouble :D
@SnooPI , you know what would be an ace game we could work out that 3d? Shadow in the Forest.
Here is the boardgeek link, but you germans might already know it ;)

I´d think that would do a great showcase, and the underlyings would not be hard to code. It does consider shadows though, but that is in a 2d plane, so worst case we could work a 2d top down raytrace to account for that. :)
It should be possible. Most of my games can be turned 3d that way for visuals and keep it 2d internally for the game logic.
I guess this one would only be a bit troublesome with the approaching birds, that part would have to be done considering Z axis.

I can do the required 3d modeling and textures but adding it to the current spaghetti code (it is a speed code kind of game), would probably also be troublesome.
It is tempting though, but I suspect a more simple game would be easier, maybe that LV-426?

Made another video, mostly bug hunt and adding the stages.
Many rabbits fell of my hat :D
Not quite wrapped yet, but waves and stages advances, water from stages works now, and much (invisible stuff) works now ;)
Thanks! yep there may be different baddies for sure!
I need to wrap the game around before working the enemies, that means intro, game, game over, back to intro, all levels in and all waves (with simple enemies) in.
I should get there today if no rabbits fall of my hat.