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im very interested in this too. any news about it now? :)
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oh ooops... i missed that command. thank you, i think everything works fine for me now...  :whistle:
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i attached two pictures to show what i mean. the first one shows how it looked like before the update and the other one after.

on the play button i tried the photoshop fix. i copied it, pasted it in the layer below, used gaussian blur, set the opacity to 1% and saved it again. but as you can see, there is a shadow-like border around the button anyway. i use effects like this a lot.
in the newest version i can't get a smooth transition like in the older picture anymore and i tried everything code-related like smoothshading and alphamode as well as the photoshop thing.
this sprite is not scaled or rotated, but this definitely changed with the same update.

[attachment deleted by admin]
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i tried to fix it, but it still looks different. or maybe i didn't understand this fix as it was supposed to. i almost always use sprites with a small border of halftransparent pixels anyway, but i still tried that thing with another layer and blur and 1% opacity in photoshop. it didn't help.
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so it will never be like before?
that photoshop workaround doesn't work for me. can i get an old glbasic version anywhere?
So i finally got my first app in the appstore... :)

Name: Countdown - to the stars
Genre: Arcade / Family

Tap the falling numbers until they become stars and don't let anything but the stars hit the bottom.

[attachment deleted by admin]
I have the same problem, but i found it seems to only occur on older ipods/iphones. On my iPhone 4 the sleep command works without any problems, on iPod Touches 8gb/32gb it doesn't work.
Sounds like a really nice game. Are you planning to make an iPhone Version?
Looks cool, but can somebody please explain how the game works? I never played the original (and never heard of it until now^^). But it looks really good and interesting.
thx, now i at least get the app on the device again :)
I also get the OF Login Screen the first time i start the app and i get the "new highscore message. But everytime i use the GLB_OF_ShowDashboard() function the app crashes.
Now i've got a few questions:

1. I use setcurrentdir("Media") in my code. Does that in any way interfere with the Openfeint functions?
2. What is the difference with using the armv6 settings? Can i just use this setting always or does it have any disadvantages?
3. On the Openfeint Developer Site is an offline settings xml file that seems to be updated whenever i change settings on the openfeint site. Is there offline support in this GLB_OF Stuff or do i have to implement this file from the Openfeint site?

i just tried to implement openfeint into my game and at first it seemed to work. When i just use the GLB_OF_CreateOpenFeint() function i see the openfeint login screen. But as soon as i use the GLB_OF_HighScore() function in my game i get the following error in xcode:

As far as i know this is due to the bitmap font system. Glbasic doesn't use real font files, it uses picture files like bitmap or png with the letters in it and gives every character the same pixel space. I hate this too, because good looking text is very important for a clean, polished look i think. I once wrote a function that splits text into single characters and then i defined a width value for every letter, but thats hard and tedious work and you have to do it for every font individually...

Edit: Also i don't know if you lose performance when using a print command for every single character. Maybe a function that only gives W, M, G more space and I,l,t less space is enough for the start, since it would probably be an improvement for every font.
Oh My God, it finally works! Thanks for all the help, now i know what i did wrong...

The libPROGRAM.a was not even created by glbasic, that was the error message i got in glbasic. So i thought about why it could not be created and in the end i found out that the problem is the folder where i store my projects... i use a folder that i share between windows and os x, i thought that would make everything easier... well now i know it just causes problems.  ;)
Quote from: trucidare on 2010-Aug-03
the libPROGRAM.a isnt there, all read mwritten files are not found.
the libPROGRAM.a must be in XCode/Glbasic/Lib folder

ok thanks, question now is: why isnt it there and where is it?^^
ok, here some more screenshots:

"BallRollJumpWhatever" is just worktitle for the game. The GlBasic Error Message is still the same as in the screenshot above.