Ludum Dare 33 is tomorrow!

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So yeah... LD33 starts tomorrow. Might be a good way for this community to increase awareness of GLBasic.

Anyone plan on participating?


How long is it?

I might have considered except for just after submitting to IGMC...

I am on hols from end of next week also.
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48 hour Compo goes til Sunday night. 72 hour Jam goes til Monday night.

I passed on it again. Seem to always have a project I am already working on. This time it is the GLBasic implementation of the Mars Explorer game which is just one piece of the overall much larger experiment comparing multiple frameworks.

I guess what I will do is be sure to not have any project going on the next time LD comes around. Or else just do some other jams like the 1 Hour Game Jam.

Or maybe just do experiments on my blog because I basically approach all of my game development like I am in a game jam anyway. Always trying to get things done asap.