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Was I dreaming or did I read somewhere about a Linux IDE with v12?

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I imagine the topic says it all - I could have sworn I read something about a native Linux IDE for GLB but now I can't find anything. :S Am I going mad(der) or was this real?  :noggin:

From the deafening silence I have misread something then. :blink:

No you didn´t, I had that same day dream/vision.
It seems there was an ide going and the debug part was not working IIRC. It also had a set of dependencies but am not sure either. I didn´t try it.
It looked great visually.

I guess we have to wait the OP to come back.

I think Rober7 make runs GLbasic under Linux, I rebenber some Script done... but the problem I think only compiles for Linux , not for another platforms...

I read with the Mac OS Ide, can be easy to make a port to Linux, but really, for now we don't have nothing...

Running the IDE under wine would be fine if the multi-platform compile would work. Did any Linux user ever get past the "Removed deprecated platform" message and get it to compile?

EDIT: I did see someone mention using code weavers crossover but I don't have that and I believe it costs €£$


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