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Kitty Hello:
The attached GLBasic project creates all assets required for your STEAM page.
You just replace the files "banner.png", "logo.png" and "font.png" with your stuff and in the source change the app$.
It will proportionally scale the banner background, add the logo at the left side and scale the app name to the right side for the capsule graphics.
That's handy, ain't it!?

Updated. Uses ReSampler lib for high quality images and a DDgui.

Awesome ! A real help for my future best seller on steam  :good:
I sincerely believe in GLB, there is a real demand for retro-gaming.
Just make a new generation of retro 2D game but also in 3D, the fun and just that!
Yes Atari ST can make a perfect vertical scrolling  !
And also a perfect horizontal scrolling !  :)
Steve Bak Return !  :good:

Just make sure they dosent look blurry. Vavle will notice it, but they do might not reject it at all (two of glbasic SDK icons did have that issue, but was just optional to change it). Im personally perfer doing this kind of icons manually. But can been a great tool to been integrated to the Windows compiler......

In PowerUp Elevation, Lobo even choiced to redraw them to look sharp as possible.

Nice, thanks Gernot!  :good:

Thanks Gernot

That's handy alright!


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