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I'm are Eventuelly still happy to help you I'd you want. I'm will only Eventuelly add ouya, resolution and gamepad support, and do not touch rest at all (remember you helped me with graphics last time). It's only few new lines really for your game. I'm bet you already have using Windows controller. So you gsme is b1 is jump left and b2 is jump right. So it's pretty easy.

Some (all) ae fixes is even using the source code (and sent the  gernot).
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Thanks Space! Help will sure be needed at many points.
Current control supports touch, analog joy, pad and keyboard. It seems it would not be too hard to add android controllers and ouya as you stated.

I´m putting final touches on the intro and title+code. Then I go do the endings.
Here a final title. I´m actually getting happier with it.


Nice title as well nice graphics :-).

The only drawback about the gamepad support is, the orientation need to been corrected too (SETORIENTATION -1 with AE, which also calls its automatic on startup).

Im pretty sure this game would been pretty much fun on my Ouya on a bigger tv screen, even its designed as a "short on time" game (there is such a catogory for Ouya, hehe).
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Yep, I guess I will have to look into AE at one point, specially on the android release.
It works fine currently but I have to get rid of that annoying top task bar, if pull it out by mistake it ruins the game.
As I see, only with AE it is possible to be rid of it, and also, if orientation is correct, the bar will come from top, so it won´t mess with the game.
Currently, the bar comes from the left side, so it is really bad. There is also the back button thing.

Anyways, I guess I will have to release it first on desktops and later look into android/iphone.

While it is a short time game, I´m putting a lot of re-playability into it. Hopefully people can play together and it dosen´t take long for next person´s turn.


The taskbar placements varierer from device to device. Im do have seen its on the right side in the correct orientation, which is annoying (Sony Experia Z). On KitKat and up, all showable toolbars is gone (SYSTEM_UI_FLAG_IMMERSIVE_STICKY), which happens automatic. You do NOT need to uses any special AE commands at all for uses AE. You well get a greater stability with the main fixes.

Recently im fixed both Menu (KEY(82)) and Back button (KEY(1)), so they behaiver correctly. Make sure to uses ALLOWESCAPE FALSE throught.

Yes the replay value in this game do seens very high and can been played again and again, and im like the "short the time" term as well. Would been nice if you do added some sort of scoring, so we can beat the hiscore. hehe. But this is not a term on the first release me thinks.
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I will be getting into it since I´d like to use v14 and currently it outputs wrongly.
Also, I will have to add the routine for different screen sizes you did since it all increased these past year.

The it has a front end, still needs a tweak or two and I´m working the more or less 17 different endings.

So, it is still alive.

Here a COCO II style in case Matchy is around...
There were days that choosing a color was not a thing. :D

EDIT: oh yeah. There is a score, based on that, you get a different ending, it just dosen´t save the score or upload it somewhere.
I shall keep the latest score in display. :)


Did you ever checkout the auto resize rutine? Then you would not have this issue anymore, include eventuelly new screen sizes.

Also v14 actuelly uses Android Extras by default (which also can been used in v12 as well).

PS. Coco2 colors is cool as well. Could been part as the game and included for fun.
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Nice to hear this game is still alive and kicking.
Didnt know you planned such a huge ammount
Of different endings.
Could also be a nice game to play on the pandora, should you decide to support it.


Looking great Erico!!
When can we hope to see it on Mobile? :)
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By Crom and all that is sacred, before the end of this year.
It is already fully playable...just music and the endings are missing. :good:


Mightbeen this is a another vaporware, hehe. Just kidding.

Im did played this game and fell its allready cool!!!

Im hopefully this game can been played with Android TV as well (require GameInput support of course).
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The game is still going!
Fixed many stuff and closed the game so it has all frontends and stuff into it working fine.

Added a bunch of visual effects here and there, added spacefractal´s scale routine, which works all fine.
Code is updated to latest GLB14 for android, so orientation os all fine too.
Many other little things.

I should have a copy for the music production in a few days, I just hope Darkman007 hasn´t forgotten me. ::)

Here a low res washed colors video of the intro and the auto demo. It is the android version so the demo also works as a how-to-play.
I went to a game testing day in my city and people do have some problems getting hold of the touch control, specially the non gaming people.
I didn´t want to add a how to play, so I think the current solution is all fine, what do you guys think?
If you want to check that alone, skip to the middle of the video.


Could also been cool for a Steam game :-). Looks fine and like the Demo.

I'm do thinks some people that is not old might confuse "insert coin", due it'd a mobile game...
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Guaoo!! Super nice the begin of the game... the graphics are really cool.
Very nive at all, is very very old style Arcade, reminds me to Popeye's Game and Watch...

I think the gameplay is simple but have a lot quality the game...

Tell us when finished...  :booze:


Thanks, yep the core game play is very simple. It is a "collect falling object" game, and sure very similar to Popeye now that you mentioned it.
I played a lot of Popeye when a kid on my coco II, it was called Sailor Man and it was a superbly done port, 64kb and all.

I´m still going to work on the players and the object graphics before the final release, but I plan to do that while music gets done.

Yep, younger people won´t get the "insert coin", some might even think it is some sort of DLC. :D
That sentence as well as the credits need some work done. I´d like to keep it that way, but if it is going to cause any missunderstanding, better change it to "DEMO" or something of the likes. Let´s just hope that by using "DEMO" people won´t think this is satanic game. :D :D :D

While the computer ai is very dumb when playing, almost to the point of 100% rnd, it shows some interesting stuff, for example, it plays the way it wants even if the characters at the time can´t perform the action requested. I hope this gives an idea of movement limitations. Not that people (other than me) will waste much time looking at the ai playing. Also, the demo has a 3 chance to boot on normal game, 2 for a bat boss fight and 1 for the monkey boss fight. The last 2 bosses don´t get displayed. I might keep only the bat here but I don´t know yet.

The intro has 6 tree house dream images, I´m using a random 3 each time the intro cycles. I still think the intro is taking a bit long.
That is it, hopefully by the time music is done or before, I can release a closed beta so you guys can check it out and help point the flaws.